From out of the past (Nov-Dec 1938) comes Fantascience Digest, helmed by Robert Madle, Jack Agnew, and John Baltadonis. This amazing hekto cover, replete with ray gun-totin’, Romanesque space man and spaceship blasting death rays, is by John Giunta.The contributors are a roster of early fandom: Moskowitz, Rothman, Conover, Speer, Reinsberg, Warner, and Hart, etc. This particular zine was mailed to Morojo (Myrtle Douglas), one of the most famous of Los Angeles fans and co-editor with Forrest J Ackerman of the zine, Voice of the Imagi-Nation.

« J’ai été comme cela autrefois, morte vivante, traversant la vie comme une autiste, persuadée que je ne valais rien, incapable de savoir qui j’étais, allant de ci de là sans dignité » Barbara Loden.

Bookbinding for Christian Felix Weise, Lustspiele, 1783. Leipzig.

In the 18th century German publishers issued books in case bindings covered with paper. These bindings have proven to be very durable, and the paper coverings, either marbled or paste decorated, came in many colors and patterns. Princeton Library

Image from ‘Curiosities of London … A new edition, corrected and enlarged’, 003639762
Author: TIMBS, John.
Page: 518
Year: 1871
Place: London
Publisher: John Camden Hotten
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Theo Erret

Le Corbusier over the doors (yet to be installed) in his Ronchamp Chapel.

Winged Fox. 1121 AH/AD 1717 (Ottoman). Zakariya ibn Muhammad Qazwini (Author). Muhammad ibn Muhammad Shakir Ruzmah-‘i Nathani (Scribe). Ink and pigments on European laid paper